Ergo-EQ is a fully functional, state-of-the-art seismic risk software platform that derives vital information for planning and responding on EQ-disasters.

For evaluation and visualization of expected physical, economic, and social impacts of seismic hazards on geographic region it applies the Consequence-based Risk Management (CRM), a methodology developed at the Mid-America Earthquake Center at the University of Illinois

Ergo-EQ is intended to benefit the seismic hazard community in several ways:

  • Providing a tool to coordinate planning and event mitigation, response, and recovery
  • Integrating spatial information, data and visual information to perform risk assessment and analysis
  • Connecting the latest research and engineering practices to practitioners and decision makers
  • Providing a framework to add new data and algorithms and update existing data and algorithms
  • Providing a mechanism to analyze “what if” scenarios (Decision Support System)

Built on the base platform Ergo-CORE, Ergo-EQ will serve to provide a common platform for risk assessment applications contributed by the earthquake community, making available essential functions such as earthquake-specific tools for modeling and visualizations, as well as shared earthquake-specific data resources.

It will also serve as a model for future applications to address other types of hazards, such as wildfires, floods, volcanic eruptions, and hurricanes.